High Noon, more like Late Noon

High Noon

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Well this is a little different, I couldn’t do exactly what was asked, since I just saw this prompt a few hours ago, noon had already come and gone. Nevertheless I do know what I was doing and thinking about around that time. I was half asleep, deciding whether or not to wake up properly in order to get and up watch the Schalke game. I was also mulling over why I once again I had a dream about Dutch football players and not German ones. I saw three games yesterday, two in German and one in English. And the last game I saw, right before I went to bed in fact was Germany v Switzerland. Plus I saw Jogi Löw at der Klassiker. I think there is sufficient Germanic inspiration there, is there not?  Even more annoying is the lack of Bas Dost in the dream, I mean if you are going to dream about Dutch players why is he not one of them?

Not that it wasn’t an interesting dream, it involved a group of Dutch players breaking out of prison and then escaping in a helicopter. All except for one idiot of a player who gave an interview live on TV, before even getting out of the country and that somehow led to their capture.

I wonder if me dreaming about Dutch players is some kind of punishment for watching Eredivisie highlights late at night when I can’t sleep. Maybe the Bundesliga thinks I’m being disloyal and it’s sending me a message. In that case I’ll stop watching Eredivisie highlights. I’ll watch La Liga highlights instead, in the hope that I’ll then dream of Toni Kroos and Lionel Messi. If I’m going to be punished for disloyalty, I may as well get something out of it.

As for the game, I decided it wasn’t worth getting up for, Benedikt Höwedes aside, Schalke rarely are. Hertha v Paderborn which is after it is a different story however. I always have time for Paderborn.

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