Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

My fun and obsession related answer: “dancing with Hansi Flick since 2006.”

Yes, I know it’s no longer accurate since Hansi dances with Jogi no longer, but I don’t care, I like it. And my serious and real answer, I’m not sure you can reduce a person to a tagline, at least not to just one anyway. One day one tag fits, another day not so much. I thought about cheating and using a tagline from a film that fits, like the German tagline for Rush which is “Alles für den Sieg.” That fits since everyone tells me how competitive I am, it must be true since no-one will play Monopoly with me (not even to break open for the first time my special edition 2006 World Cup monopoly) or FIFA on the Playstation or even a card game. As fitting as that tag is, like I said it’s sort of cheating.

I guess on some days the phrase “never what you expect” would be a fitting tagline for me. And on other days “exactly what you expect” would fit equally as well. “All about the Germans” would also be very accurate for me. If I had to pick one ultimate tagline, I would pick this: “confounding neurotypicals since time began.” That doesn’t just fit me, I think most autistic people could use that at some point.

I think I know what someone in real life would pick as tagline for me, this is related to special interests and the lightning fast speed with which I abandon one and switch to another: “Loyal to the death (or until I finish a collection or get bored).”

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