Serbian Sticker Madness

I said that stickers may be becoming  a new special interest of mine, well that has been proved to be true with my latest acquisition. This time it’s an album and a box of 50 packs of Serbian football stickers, to be more precise Schoolshop Euro 2016 Qualifiers stickers. I knew about this album because I have the sticker of Joachim Löw that belongs to it which I got on eBay. Turns out the place I got it from has lots of sticker related goodies, including things like the aforementioned Serbian album that I’m unable to get anywhere else. Because that’s exactly what I needed right now, another place to spend money. Now I have to find someone or somewhere online where I can trade Serbian stickers, because it just wasn’t difficult enough collecting German ones.

I know some people would say it’s a waste of money and irresponsible, but then almost everything that I do could be described in much the same way. I simply had to get it, I’ve wanted one since I got the Jogi sticker for it a while back. Perhaps I should have waited a while, maybe saved for it instead of using what little money I have right now, any other time and I would have done that but they only had two boxes left. And I wasn’t going to be able to get to sleep knowing that they were there and I hadn’t bought one of them, though sleep was not easy anyway partly because of the excitement of getting them, so couldn’t win either way on that count. Though that wasn’t just because of the stickers, there are many things to be excited about right now, Daniel Brühl’s new film The Face of an Angel is at the cinema today, Germany’s second game two days from now, the press conference this morning and knowing that I will get to see the Denmark v USA game even if it is in Danish which I only know a few words of.

And to finish things up, a new Jogi video I saw yesterday, it’s still weird hearing him speak English and he still sounds like Meyer which is even weirder:


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