Random musings: world cup numbers, reciprocity & peace and quiet

I didn’t get my numbers wish, no complete world cup set yet. I do have another world cup set of sorts in today’s statistics though. Top of the list is Brazil with 14 views, also on the list is Germany with four. Plus Japan and South Korea with three each, and South Africa with two.The United States is also on the list with fourteen views, a fact I’m mentioning only because of Jürgen Klinsmann.

What do all those countries have in common? They are all world cup hosts, Brazil in 2014, South Africa in 2010, Germany in 2006 and Japan and South Korea in 2002.  Of course now I’ve gone past the 5000 mark. And this on the 17th of February.

Completing the happiness is the fact that I got a new batch of Champions League stickers, in which I got my fourth sticker of Thomas Müller and my third of Manuel Neuer. I also got doubles of Benedikt Höwedes and Mats Hummels. None of them are my sticker of the day though, that honour goes to the Swiss international Valentin Stocker, the same Herr Stocker that ended up with an arm around his neck on Sunday courtesy of Freiburg keeper and his fellow Swiss international Roman Bürki.

If I wasn’t feeling so terrible and were it not for the fact that I’ve already put him in the book there would be a picture here of said sticker. But I won’t be scanning any stickers today, or doing much of anything that involves getting out of bed. My planned quiet day has turned into a sick day (I was outvoted on that decision). So I’ve had plenty of time to think today. I could have spent the day catching on my ever growing list of TV shows that I need to catch up with (Banshee, Fortitude and Sleepy Hollow to name three) or playing Playstation, but seeing as how the house was quiet and the fact that I have a headache, I decided just to enjoy the silence.

This may sound strange but in one way I’m actually glad that I’m sick, the reason being that it may provide an explanation for my strange behaviour last week.  That can happen, getting sick can make a person act more autistic than usual.  I hope that’s the reason anyway.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is the subject of reciprocity. I’ve been thinking about this since I was reading another blog and I saw that some people were thanking the blogger for following and/or liking their blog. It never occurred to me to do this, but it seems that it’s the done thing.  It’s interesting that it never occurred to me to do this, but then I’m not good with the concept of reciprocity in real life, so why would I be online.

Sometimes I’ll be thinking of the list of difficulties that AS people can have with conversation and those sorts of skills and I’ll think I don’t have that problem, I can have a back and forth conversation and things like that. Then I’ll think, you only talk to people about things you are interested in, and the people you do talk to are very tolerant and used to my conversational oddities, for lack of a better way to put it. Making an effort to do this would fit in with one of the things I put on my to do list for this year, which was to gain some understanding of the concept of social reciprocity.

I’ve also been thinking about video games, in particular Fallout 3. I don’t have a copy for my PS3, I think I’m going to need rectify that next week. Even though I can’t play right now, there is something very conducive to my state of mind at the moment about wandering through the Wasteland.

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