Bundesliga round up: goals, goals and more goals

What a weekend, the tally stands at 32 goals so far and the weekend’s not done yet, there’s still three more games to be played.

I know now how I’m going to spend next week. I won’t have any time for films, I want to see as many of these games as possible, top of my must see list is the Bayer Leverkusen v Wolfsburg game, 5-4 in Wolfsburg’s favour. And Bayern putting eight past Hamburg, did not see that coming, I thought Bayern would win but not by so many, after all defence isn’t a big problem for Hamburg having only conceded twenty two goals before today. And for fun I’m going to watch Dortmund’s game again on Thursday. A busy week ahead, lots of Bundesliga reruns, Europa League action on Thursday with Wolfsburg, Champions League on Tuesday with Bayern and I have two EM 2008 games to watch including the one I’ve been waiting so long to see, Germany v Austria.

It’s a good thing, having so many games to watch lined up and knowing that for most of them I can’t simply record them and get up late and watch them in the afternoon. I’m watching them online, the time is fixed, if I don’t get up I don’t get to see them. That’s good, I need something like that right now, something to focus on, to build my week around. If all goes to plan I can have some fun at the same time trying out my new video capture software.

Today is the day of last gasp winners with Wolfsburg, Gladbach and Hoffenheim all getting such a goal. Gladbach’s means I get a full 50 points for being dead on in my prediction. And Hoffenheim’s last minute winner scored by Sebastian Rudy is doubly good for me, not only do I get to salvage 30 points (I predicted 1-0 in their favour) but it means whatever happens tomorrow, Freiburg won’t finish the week bottom of the table.

Interesting thought to end with, last week I dreamed about Dortmund and then they beat Freiburg, this week I dreamed about Hoffenheim and they beat Stuttgart.  This is about to get very interesting because next week, Stuttgart play Dortmund on Friday and Freiburg host Hoffenheim on Saturday. I sure hope I don’t dream about Hoffenheim again next week. I hope I dream about Paderborn instead, after all they’ll need all the help they can get given that they play host to Bayern Munich.

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