A message from Hansi and the Hoffenheimers

Another intriguing dream related to Hansi Flick, sadly he was only talked about and not actually there. Despite the lack of his presence it ranks as a far more interesting occurrence than the one I had at the weekend in which both him and Jogi were talked about. In that one I was talking about Jogi to someone and about James Bond films, the subject in question being who would make a good villain.  Without even mentioning Jogi’s name the other person knew I meant him. I then surprised them by saying that Hans-Dieter Flick (I actually said his name in full like that) should be in it too. I don’t remember anything else or if I said whether Hansi should be a good guy or a bad guy.

The dream relating to Hansi from last night first started out as a nightmare, I class anything that takes place in a school as a nightmare unless it has a redeeming feature as this one does. The redeeming feature being the appearance of some coaches from Hoffenheim, or to use the club’s full name (one of the coolest in the Bundesliga in my opinion) TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, a club that Hansi Flick used to work for, he was their head coach for I think four or five seasons, he got them promoted to the third tier of German football.

Anyhow back to the point, the coaches were wearing blue jackets, not unlike the Hansi Flick rain jacket that I purchased recently. Before the coaches went outside I managed to talk to one of them. I asked him if he would sign something for me, he said yes. I then asked him if I could ask him about Hansi Flick. He replied “what about him, he’s ok isn’t he?” I said that he was fine, great in fact. Before I had a chance to say anything else he was gone. I was about to talk to the second coach next to him when I was grabbed from behind, a certain teacher whom I had and still have a severe dislike of stopped me from going anywhere by putting a hand on the back of my neck. This teacher in question was meant to be in charge of the special needs department, I say meant to because anyone who knew anything about special needs could see how incompetent they were.  Let’s just say I have a lot of reasons to dislike them and that several other people have equally valid reasons to do so and leave it at that.

I told them to let go, that I needed to speak to the Hoffenheimers and that I needed to ask about the rain jacket and about Hansi Flick. They repeated Flick and made a comment about what a strange name it was. I pointed out that he was German, that it wasn’t so strange.

The last thing I recall is something completely unrelated, well it’s still related to the German team but it’s about a player rather than Jogi or Hansi. The last thing I remember hearing is someone saying “he’s good but he’s not as close as Klose.” I don’t know in what context I heard it, if it was football commentary or not. Nor do I know if I’ve heard such a similar remark in real life and it was merely being repeated in my dream.

I have no clue what the Klose thing was about, I do however have a theory as to the meaning of the visit of the Hoffenheimers.

I wonder if there’s a very specific message lurking in there, given the identity of the teacher involved. There’s many teachers I don’t like, why was it that one in particular who was the one who stopped me? I think maybe the kind of teacher they were is key. I have three possible interpretations.  Whichever interpretation is correct, the most important fact is that they were attempting to prevent me from asking the question I wanted about Hansi Flick, they were trying to get in the way of something I badly wanted. It pains me to write this, but it’s not Hansi that’s important here, it’s the fact that they were trying to get in my way.

The first possible message is that it’s about not letting the past hold you back, the generic kind of message that dreams usually serve up.

To get a little more specific, perhaps it’s not just letting the past hold you back. It’s more the way in which your mind drags up unpleasant moments involving such people and torments you with them. Perhaps it’s a message to not let such things rule your mind, to keep yourself focused so as to not give such things an opportunity to get a foothold within your mind.

Another interpretation could simply be to not let autism or any of that stuff hold you back, or to come between you and the things you want. I wonder if it’s significant that the person came from behind, that you didn’t know they were there until they pulled you out of the conversation. A warning about how things can creep up on you when you least expect it?

And on a more lighthearted note, maybe it’s just telling me that I should wear Hansi’s rain jacket today. Yesterday I was deliberating about which one I should wear to the cinema, despite having had the Hansi one for two weeks now I haven’t actually been able to bring myself to wear it out yet. It’s too special and perfect and I wouldn’t want to do anything to ruin it, like get it wet.

I hope the fact that I dreamed about Hoffenheim does not have any significance in regards to the fact that they play Stuttgart on Saturday, the last time I dreamed about the opposing team (that time it was Dortmund against Freiburg) Freiburg lost 3-0. Though I’m sure that has more to do with a combination of their inconsistent form so far this season, their poor record against Dortmund and the fact that they lost the reverse of the fixture 3-1. I don’t think Hoffenheim need me dreaming about them to increase their chances on Saturday, true they are on a 3 game losing streak but who better to start turning things around against than bottom of the league Stuttgart. Or maybe I do hope it has some significance, I don’t particularly want Stuttgart to lose but regardless of how Sunday’s game goes it could be helpful to Freiburg.

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