Last man standing: Herr Hansi Flick

Hansi Flick - EM 2008 stickerThe above is the last sticker I needed for my Jogi Löw/Hansi Flick collection. I have all the ones I know about anyway. To complete my Jogi/Hansi collection I’ve finally managed to get a coin of Hansi to go with Jogi’s, I had to let one of Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer go in order to get it, but it was worth it.

I’m still waiting for the arrival of my DFB Weltmeister Karten thanks to the person who sent them to the wrong delivery depot, I would have had them on Saturday if it weren’t for them. I know it’s not so important when they get here, that as long as they get here is the main thing, especially since I already have Jogi and Hansi but I still can’t help but be annoyed.

The arrival of Hansi alone is a nice enough way to start the week anyhow. And now that I’ve gotten my mail and I’ve completed all the tasks on my list, now I can finally get some sleep. It feels like I’m wasting the rest of the day but everything on my list is crossed off and I don’t feel like I can stay awake any longer. Plus I’ll most likely need some extra energy reserves for tomorrow anyway seeing as how I’ll have to be sociable for at least an hour, not only that but I’ll have to try to be somewhat good-natured whilst the visitor in question ribs me about the result of last week’s games. Another two defeats for Freiburg, first they lost 1-0 to Mönchengladbach on Tuesday and then went down 3-0 to Dortmund on Saturday.

I knew that dream meant trouble, the night before the game I had a dream about buying football socks in Dortmund colours, black and yellow. Strange thing was the socks were Adidas and not Puma but I got them anyway. I was worried it would be a premonition of some sort for the result of the game, sucks that it turned out to be right on that count. I hope they can at least manage a draw this weekend, they face Hertha Berlin, they drew the reverse of the fixture at home back in September thanks to conceding a late goal. Maybe with Hertha having the home advantage and with them looking in better shape under their new temporary manager, they might have the edge but given how inconsistent Freiburg can be, who knows.

I wish it was Freiburg’s game I got the score right for and not Stuttgart’s (I said they’d lose 2-0 to Bayern and they did) and Wolfsburg’s (almost right there, I said 3-1 to them, it was 3-0).

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