“How can I not like Hansi, when Jogi loves him so much?”

The person who uttered the phrase in the title is my favourite person in this universe anyway, but if they weren’t they would be just for that phrase alone.

The reason they are my favourite person in this universe is not only because of their tendency to say brilliant things like that. It’s because of the fact that whenever we talk in person, it feels like the conversation just picks up from where it left off last time, whether it’s been two weeks, a month or even two months. I never feel awkward or worry about what to say, the pieces just fit, always. Also important is how they embrace my randomness (within reasonable limits – TK being the exception to this) and the fact that I know I can trust them to speak bluntly to me. I know if they think I’m wrong about something or that I’ve been mean to someone, they’ll tell me so. I value their opinion when it comes to my stories and they value mine when it comes to book recommendations.

Despite all of those things and the fact that I find it amusing, I’m not particularly happy about the above statement, not least because it implies that Hansi is only worth liking in relation to Jogi. It’s funny, with one person Jogi grew on them but they fell in love with Hansi from the first time they saw him (with Jogi it was it seeing him in the rain at the USA game that swung it for them) and with another person it’s the other way around.

Hansi is growing on them though, after seeing adorable pictures like these how could he not?

Jogi und Hansi 3 vlcsnap-2015-01-10-20h22m26s255


Jogi und Hansi 6

Another amusing and yet displeasing comment resulted from this photo:

Hansi und JogiThe comment being that “they take it so seriously, don’t they?” I suspect they wouldn’t be happy with that either, nor would anyone who likes football or any sport for that matter.

A most excellent day, two not so bad films at the cinema, wonderful conversation as always, a new batch of Champions League stickers and to top things off there were Germans at the bar. Actual Germans speaking German, two of them and then a whole group of them. Though sadly they spent the rest of the night speaking in English to the people they were with. I loved the moment when we heard them speak for the first time.

It’s not my first encounter with Germans, I’ve seen some before on the train. That time was pretty cool as well because it was when I saw Rush at the cinema when it was coming to the end of it’s run, it was unusual because it was a Saturday and in the night, I don’t go to the cinema at the weekends but I made an exception for Rush. If I hadn’t had done, I would never have got to hear and see the Germans.  I christened that day “German night in Paris” which is the name of one of the chapters in Inglourious Basterds. I don’t have a cool or snappy film related name for this occasion, though given that it was the fourth of February (the month of Freiburg on my German themed calendar) and one day after Jogi Löw’s birthday, I think deeming it another day of lucky number four is more than adequate.

Likewise if Freiburg had been playing on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, I wouldn’t have got to encounter this group of Germans.  I have to say it was pretty weird, all throughout our conversation which mostly revolved around Germany (because of the books I’d gotten my friend) and Jogi, we kept overhearing parts of their conversation. It’s just weird, sitting there talking about Germans when there are actual Germans in the room. I hope they didn’t hear or pay any attention to our conversation, if they did then they would have heard some very funny stuff about Jogi Löw and Hansi Flick. The thing is, it would make no sense to anyone who’s not familiar with the story I’ve come up with so it would seem very weird to them.

The odd thing was I didn’t want to speak German in front of them, not long before we left I was talking about the next Jogi und Hansi chapter which is titled “Jogi tanzt mit Hansi Flick” – it’s a line from Gimme Hope Joachim and as I went to quote the song I stopped because I realised that I’d never heard the line in English and I couldn’t remember it in English. But I didn’t want to say it in German, somehow I managed to remember it in English but halfway through the sentence I ended up switching to German anyway. All of that was of course absurd, I’d used German words a few times in the evening before that and the fact that I translated part of Jogi’s manager of the year acceptance speech would have given away that I at least understood German.

All in all I’m very happy with how the day went, and just to make things even more perfect when I got back my football signed by Hansi Flick was there to greet me. It was after that when the trouble started, hyped up on sugar from the popcorn and over excited from a  combination of the day’s events and the football’s arrival, I stupidly ended up staying up and watching both Bayern’s and Dortmund’s games. A decision which would not have been so bad had I not had an equally late night on Tuesday.

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