Joachim Löw – Ein deutscher Stern/A German Star

A long time ago someone told me that I would have a lot of fun making videos, I did not heed their advice. Not until now, earlier I was randomly singing part of Catch a Falling Star to myself and thought that it would be perfect for a Jogi video, so I went ahead and made one after many long deliberations about which pictures to use:

On the subject of Jogi, I’m very happy that he not only beat TK in my youtube views last week but is doing so this week as well. Not only that but for the first time he’s outnumbered him on the list with six videos in the top ten compared to TK’s four. I also like the fact that the total views so far add up to 274.

screenshot-www youtube com 2015-02-03 18-34-03On a related statistics note, it’s perfect that at this exact second, I have had precisely 3,999 views of my blog. One more and it’ll be 4,000, that lucky number four again, it’ll be even luckier if I can cross the 4,000 mark whilst it’s still the 3rd February. And six views from Germany today so far, including weirdly someone finding this by typing the following into a search engine: “klinsmann mistress.” I’m curious, how exactly did that query result in finding this, most curious indeed.

It’s a shame Freiburg couldn’t win on Jogi Löw’s birthday, they lost 1-0 to Mönchengladbach tonight courtesy of a Patrick Hermann goal.

Freiburg may have lost but I did get my wish in another way, I crossed the 4,000 mark whilst it was still the 3rd February, 4,003 to be exact. I like that very much as do I like the fact that today someone was directed here because they used the search term “hans-dieter flick 2014.”

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