Rückrunde – Jogi videos

First up VfL Wolfsburg v Bayern Munich:

Then Bayer Leverkusen v Borussia Dortmund since I don’t have any footage from the Schalke game, not yet anyway, I wonder if I might get any from the highlights on Monday:

Whilst I’m on the subject of Jogi, I only just got around to watching all of the half time interview from Friday’s game, when asked what he thought the final score would be he said 2-2. This is weird to write and I’m sure that I won’t be writing it often, Joachim I’m glad you were wrong. I will say that I thought Bayern would pull at least one back as well but I was also convinced that Wolfsburg would be able to hold on.

A great first weekend back for the Bundesliga, plenty of goals in Bayern’s game, Freiburg’s and Paderborn’s too with them going down 5-0 to Mainz. Schalke’s game was great to see too despite not seeing Jogi, a most interesting moment involving the ball dancing off the line, it was going in and then somehow it didn’t. My moment of the weekend. Man of the hour is of course Nils Peterson, super sub with his hat-trick for Freiburg. And it goes without saying that the villain of the weekend is Klaas Jan Hunterlaar, what in the world was going through his mind, it’s not just that you shoulnd’t take someout out like that from behind, but why, what the hell did he do it for?

Not disappointing exactly but it certainly didn’t live up to expectations, Bayer Leverkusen v Borussia Dortmund. I’m happy that Weidenfeller started though I know it’s only because Langerak is not yet back from international duties with Australia, if I’m honest he didn’t look entirely convincing out there today, nor did he in the friendly I saw last weekend. Though changing goalkeepers makes little difference when your defenders aren’t particularly reliable. On a related note, despite not being a fan of Mats Hummels I’ve ended up coming up with a nickname for him. This came about in a conversation which revolved around Jogi, Hansi and Andreas being musketeers and which one would be which musketeer. And of course you need d’Artagnan, which led to “Mats the Musketeer.” Not that he’s my choice, it’s just that he looks the part, no that would be Max Kruse. The nickname works equally well for Max too, but he doesn’t look the part quite as much as Hummels does.

I’m so happy with Freiburg’s win, I can’t wait for Tuesday’s game, they face Borussia Mönchengladbach and then on Saturday they are back at home to play Dortmund of all people. Before that Dortmund play Augsburg on Wednesday. I’m curious what the table will look like then, whether or not they’ll be able to climb up the table a few places. With that victory against Frankfurt, Freiburg have the perfect revenge for losing 1-0 to them on the opening day of the season. I hope they can similarly avenge their 3-1 defeat at Dortmund’s hands on matchday 3. It only just occured to me, they’ll potentially face two of their former players in a row, Max Kruse at Gladbach and Mathias Ginter at Dortmund.

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