I’m not a fan of the concept of New Year’s resolutions; nevertheless I do have a list of things I’d like to get done, some of which I’m already working on, why wait for the new year to start making improvements?

The fun stuff first:

  • to learn how to tie a scarf like Jogi Löw
  • to obtain copies of the following games: Germany vs Russia, Finland, China and Sweden (his first game in charge in 2006). And the rest of Germany’s Confederations Cup matches from 2005, I only have the Brazil one. There are more I need that I haven’t come across yet, but they are the important ones. For example I wouldn’t mind having copies of the 2008 and 2012 European Championship matches with German commentary.
  • to get a Bayern shirt from the time Hansi Flick played there and a Stuttgart shirt from when Klinsmann played there (it doesn’t have to actually be from that time, a retro one would suffice, I missed out on one on eBay last month so I know they exist). I think a Freiburg shirt from Jogi’s time would also be cool but I don’t know if that’s obtainable.
  • to write more of the Hansi und Jogi adventures, and to finish Jürgen and Roman’s “Zwölf kleine Fuβball Spieler” story.

And now, not so much the important stuff, because that would imply the previous ones are not important and the second point is especially important, more that these are not obsession related:

  • Make more time for German and put more effort into it. Maybe I should start watching German TV every day, if I’m going to watch TV I may as well get something out of it.
  • To be able to get beyond the first page of kicker magazine without a German dictionary.
  • To keep the number of sleepless nights to a minimum, and if there is any, no all night video game marathons, reading or making videos fine, but no all night Dragon Age adventures.
  • To spend a little more time outside and get some exercise.
  • Actually save some money this time around and don’t just blow it all on whatever obsession is currently ruling my mind. But don’t have absurdly high expectations and expect too much, don’t put too much pressure on yourself by calling it a Germany travel fund or something similar. Just call it the Bundesliga fund or the Freiburg fund or something similarly vague. And no excessively stupid purchases like £50 DVDs from Japan or action figures that cost £100 or more. In fact no buying of DVDs and blu-rays at all, unless it’s something that I really have to have like “Der Große Traum.” Not counting football related ones that is, I’m still getting the DFB Pokal box-set as planned, and more of Germany’s friendlies and this is the best yet, the match when Stuttgart won the Pokal when Jogi was in charge and their Cup Winner’s Cup match against Chelsea. I know I’ve partly broken this before I’ve even really began, with the winning of the signed football. Hopefully there won’t be too many repeats of this particular mistake in the months to come.
  • Related to the previous one, this year I’ve been downsizing in regards to my collection, partly because I wanted the money and partly because I felt like I had too many. I currently own 865 DVDs and 257 blu-rays. I think I should continue to reduce that number, one way or another. I used to think that my collection was the most important thing in the world; I’ve been reconsidering this for several months. Partly because of something CW said that I can’t let go (“collections weigh me down”) and partly because of something someone asked me a few months ago when discussing the subject of moving out and living in Germany, the question being: what would I take with me, what from my possessions did I absolutely have to have with me wherever in the world I was. I’ve been mulling over my answer since they asked and realised that there isn’t actually that much that I feel like I couldn’t part with, whether temporarily or permanently. I’m no longer as attached to my film collection as I once was, my books are a different story but I’m sure if I tried I could narrow it down to at least fifty that I would have to keep regardless of the circumstances. I think I would probably not want to leave my PS3 behind.
    As for the list, I think it would be the following: the contents of my Deutschland/Die Mannschaft shelf, all of my football t-shirts, shirts, shorts and socks, my pictures and posters, my laptop and hard-drives and whatever other gadgets I have, my notebooks and some DVDs/blu-rays that I most definitely could not part with; Inglourious Basterds (the UK special edition, the French steel-book and the German special edition), Rush, Django Unchained, The Grand Miracle of Bern, Das Leben der Anderen, Goodbye Lenin to name a few. Essentially the German ones mostly, with just a few non-German exceptions.
  • Read more books. Last year I read 97, this year so far only 71. I was hoping to improve upon last year, obviously that’s not going to happen.
  • To learn how to accept compliments, or at least to make such occasions a little less awkward. To have some understanding of the concept of social reciprocity  in general I suppose.  Before adding this to the list I read up a little on it, one of the things I read was that when someone asks you how you are, you’re not really supposed to answer, you’re meant to politely say “I’m fine” (this I knew) and then you are meant to ask how they are, to reciprocate in others words. I didn’t know that, if I didn’t know that, how am I ever going to get the rest of this stuff?
  • To do things that make me happy and that I want to do, and not what other people think I should be doing. That means not obsessing over the fact that some people find the videos I make strange, I like them a great deal and that is enough. In fact I like the videos and the subjects of said videos more than the people in question.
  • Same with the videos that I like that I didn’t make, it doesn’t matter if anyone finds it strange that I spend so much time watching them. Some of them have come in useful anyway, the EM version of Gimme Hope Joachim, I worked out a good deal of the lyrics by myself, it’s good listening practice, turns out songs are good for learning German.

Four things in 2015 I’m looking forward to:

  1. The Germany v USA friendly on the 10th June – I already know what I’m going to call the video, the Jogi vs. Klinsi highlights
  2. The last series of Justified
  3. The Bridge series 3 – I don’t know if it’s next year it’s on UK TV, I hope it is.
  4. The Face of an Angel – one of Daniel Brühl’s new films.

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