Frohe Weihnachten Freiburg

Almost. Close but not quite, a 2-0 lead and they would have they kept it been in a place of relative safety. Victory secured it seemed in the 81st minute but then thrown away two minutes later with some careless defending and definitively sacrificed in the 93rd minute. To add insult to injury I didn’t see the last few minutes of the game, though seen from another perspective you could say I was spared the misery of seeing the equalizer.

What a nice Christmas gift that would have been, instead they will spend the next five weeks sitting at the foot of the table. And Dortmund sit only one spot above them, they’re equal on points now. They are in a sense both the worst teams in the Bundesliga with Freiburg having only won twice this season (against Schalke and Köln) and Dortmund having lost ten games.

First game after the winter break for Freiburg is Frankfurt, hopefully this won’t be one of the games where Frankfurt add quite a few to their already considerable tally of goals. And Dortmund face Leverkusen, good luck with that. I hope Weidenfeller will get his place back for the first game after the break, seeing as how Langerak starting instead of him doesn’t seem to have helped them a great deal.

Good thing I found these two Hansi stickers (and one of Roman) before the game, I need something to make me feel better after that. Though with the stickers and another potential acquistion later tonight, plus Jogi being on TV later the day’s not all bad, just feels like it is:

Hansi Flick - Europameisterschaft 2012Hansi Flick - Weltmeisterschaft 2014Roman Weidenfeller - Weltmeisterschaft 2014


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