Verbotene Liebe – Weihnachten

Christmas was fast approaching and Hansi could not be more excited, gifts, quiet time and most importantly Jogi all to himself. Hansi was already feeling festive, even more so because of all the people surrounding them here at the match wearing Santa hats. He glanced over at Jogi absentmindedly wondering how good he would look in one. He knew he could most likely never get him to wear one, not in public anyhow. He wasn’t a “bah humbug” type and even thought he didn’t always look it, he enjoyed getting into the holiday spirit, but that was a step too far. Even if Hansi offered to wear one too it wouldn’t persuade him.

At least not in public, Hansi knew that if he put one on his head later tonight when they were wrapping presents and watching TV that he wouldn’t protest. Decisions, decisions, a Santa hat or an elf hat? Whatever he decided, he could not wait to get out of the cold. He envied Jogi wrapped up in his scarf, even more he wished he was being wrapped in Jogi’s arms right now. No doubt that would make the remaining minutes of the match fly by. Along with everything else, he knew that everything else would cease to become important if that were to happen. Instead Hansi contented himself with counting down till then could return to the warmth of the car and then the house.

Later that night, Hansi did indeed succeed in getting a Santa hat on Jogi’s head, even though he was wearing it, it didn’t stop him from pushing back his fringe every minute or so. He looked unbelievably cute; it was such a contradiction, his serious face and the bright red hat above it. He was so focused on what he was doing perfectly, you wouldn’t know that he was meant to be having fun or indeed that he was having fun. You would have to know him like Hansi did to know that he was happy right now.
Wrapping up the gifts, he took time to make sure every last little detail was perfect, in the time it took Hansi to wrap five gifts, Jogi was just starting on his second. But Hansi couldn’t deny it, they were perfect. He was just glad that Jogi wouldn’t be there to see the ones he was working on being unwrapped. Hansi was going to make sure of that, he didn’t want to test the theory of how he would react (he always opened his gifts perfectly for Jogi’s sake) but he was certain that Jogi would flip out if he saw how most people unwrapped the gifts.

As the evening went along and Hansi quickly finished wrapping his gifts, he ended up sitting there watching Jogi still hard at work. Jogi was so completely focused that he had started humming a Christmas song under his breath, just barely but Hansi could hear. Hansi stayed where he was, not just because he was comfortable but because he was enjoying watching Jogi in his element, putting his perfectionist tendencies to work. He didn’t dare move or make a sound, if he did, he thought Jogi might come back to his senses and stop humming, and if he did that the look of wonderment on his face would also disappear.
Whilst watching him Hansi let his mind turn to Jogi’s gifts and the look on his face when he opened them, not just because of the gifts but because of how perfect the paper was. Hansi had no time for this, he thought it was pointless, but he knew it mattered to Jogi. Their first Christmas together, everything was going to be perfect, Hansi had it all worked out. How they would open a few presents in the morning, so Hansi could enjoy seeing Jogi in his pyjamas opening presents, sitting on the floor like an overgrown child.

How they would spend the second Christmas day together, all day long, no guests or visitors or obligations, just a quiet and very lazy day together before they went to Austria.

His thoughts then turned to the tree they would be putting up in a few days; he would have nothing to do with this. He was not going to spend hours making sure ornaments and candles and other things were perfectly lined up. The amount of time Jogi spent on that damn thing, you’d think he was working on a match-plan on his tactics board.

Jogi was equally diligent with the gingerbread house, there may be no children in the house but they still had to have one, and he still had to spend hours perfectly lining up the pieces, making sure the icing was perfect and that the decorations were perfectly aligned. Hansi after trying to provide some advice had unceremoniously been sent off, that is Jogi had thrown him a murderous look, Hansi got the message and realised that it was better for everyone if he played no part in this endeavour. Having been banished Hansi looked on from the next room as Jogi paid equal attention to each piece of the house, ensuring it was millimetre perfect and could not help but let a smile creep across his face when Jogi got to the icing and pulled on a pair of plastic gloves, whether because it was too sticky or because he didn’t want to get his hands dirty, Hansi did not know, either way it amused him a little. As did the look of supreme concentration on Jogi’s face as he put the icing on.

It was in the middle of this task that Jogi got into trouble, having put the gloves on which now had traces of icing on them, he found himself unable to move his hair out of his eyes. Seeing this, Hansi let him stew for a moment as he tried to figure it out; Jogi had banished him after all. Seeing the look of confusion on his face, Hansi relented, he couldn’t bear to see him look like that, so he took a chance and went over and fixed his hair. Jogi looked up at him, at first a little mad for being where he was not supposed to be, then maybe because he had thought over what icing in his hair would have been like, he smiled gratefully. By way of an apology for kicking Hansi out earlier he asked Hansi if he would like to help. Sensing that this was going to be the nearest thing to an apology he would get, Hansi agreed, Jogi would let him put the decorations on, no more than that, but it was something. Now all Hansi had to do was make sure that he did a perfect job, he would hate for Jogi to start all over again.

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