Another German themed weekend – Jogi/Roman clippings

I managed to get my copy of Der Spiegel on Friday, there were four left. Continuing with the German connection the kid in the film I saw at the cinema was named Oliver (as in Kahn or Neuville) plus it was showing in screen 7. The film was funny, though I would have rather seen Black Sea. A film about Nazi gold pretty much beats anything else. As it was St Vincent was a decent watch as well, though the day would have been better if we hadn’t had to watch the film with such idiots. I wonder what makes a grown adult decide to throw things at the screen in a cinema, I suspect there isn’t much activity taking place in their brains. Funny where it was supposed to be and sad too, writers of Horrible Bosses 2 take note, this is what a comedy looks like.

A decent film, great food in the form of a Düsseldorf burger and some slightly awkward but interesting conversation. Talking about feelings always makes me uncomfortable but when they are related to relationships of the romantic variety, doubly so. I don’t even know if I have any feelings about anyone or anything in real life, so that makes all of this very tricky. An interesting question posed to me as a result of saying that, can you care about someone without feelings being involved? Another great question which is most likely one of the best questions anyone has ever put to me, do I see people in real life (such as the person asking the question) as fictional characters or real people. They asked that because I said that the characters and alternate universes I create seem more real to me than reality does.

More than usual at the moment, I feel as if I feel nothing at all except for a feeling that everything is very strange at the moment. I don’t know what it is, tiredness perhaps. That’s probably the reason I can barely remember the last week or so, if it wasn’t for writing on here and my notebooks listing what I’ve watched and read I wouldn’t remember anything. I honestly don’t know if I’m happy or unhappy. I think I’m too tired to be anything right now. On that count I’ve gotten three unbroken nights of sleep.

With the late night games next week, there is no room for failure on that count, staying up would not be impossible but it would be a terrible idea. They aren’t exactly games to look forward to, but I have to at least watch the first of them, Bayern v Freiburg. I’m undecided about Dortmund’s, no Roman or Marco Reus so I don’t know if I want to see it. I was spared seeing Dortmund lose to Hertha today since Freiburg’s game was at the same time though even if it hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have bothered to watch it since Langerak started in goal.

To make Christmas a little more Germanic I got a build it yourself gingebread house and some stollen from Wallys. It’ll be perfect now, German snacks, films, football books and music too since I found some videos on youtube.

Along with my copy of Der Spiegel I also got some more clippings in the post from Germany, and as nice bonus, on the back of some of the Schweini ones there were some of Jogi, the fifth one is my favourite, the scarf one:

Der Spiegel - December - Jogi 1Der Spiegel - December - Jogi 2Jogi clippingJogi clipping 1Jogi clipping 2Roman clippingRoman clipping 1Roman clipping 2Roman clipping 3Roman clipping 4Roman clipping 5Roman clipping 6In the same package I also got a program from the DFB Pokal final , Bayern v Stuttgart, there was a very nice surprise lurking in there:

Hansi Flick - DFB Pokal final program


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