Cloning Jogi – Cloning Roman

Feeling Fancy

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

All the money in the world couldn’t buy what I want, to clone Jogi or Roman maybe. Or even better, clone Hansi Flick because if there’s two of him, one can be sporting director and the other could take his rightful place by Jogi’s side. I’ll refrain from going into detail, some things are best left to the imagination. Plus I’d be here all day writing if I did so, whether I was to write about Jogi or Roman.

And now that I’m done with the sci-fi stuff, if you can really do anything with your one day, then I would fly to Germany, go to the Black Forest and buy SC Freiburg. I just realised, unlimited funds means unlimited transfer funds, I would buy Thomas Müller and Bastian Schweinstiger. And maybe Toni Kroos. Even if it only lasted for one day, it would still be awesome.

This is one of those cases of perfect timing, of everything coming together perfectly. The first of the pictures, I made by accident yesterday, whilst I was making a Christmas card for someone and had to take Andreas Köpke out of the picture (not because I have anything against him, just because the person I’m making the card for has no idea who he is) and then I had to make more, of Roman and of Klinsi.

On the subject of Roman and Christmas, I saw this wonderful video yesterday, it actually made me like Christmas for the five minutes I spent watching it (several times over) and made me feel some of the Christmas spirit:

The quality of the video’s not too good, but the audio is ok and that’s the important thing. I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing where Roman is in the line-up. Now that’s passion, how wonderful it must be to be able to be that way around other people. It also had the effect of making me like Dortmund a little bit, but I’d rather that not be true. Say what you like about the club, their fans defy words, last week they were bottom of the league, you wouldn’t know it from how the fans are every match.

The second reason for it being perfect timing is that on the 16th Dec, Freiburg will be visiting the mighty Bayern. So that would be my one day, and on that day I would as written above, buy the club and then Thomas and Bastian. And with those two former Bayern players, Freiburg would do what no-one else has done (in the league) this season, beat Bayern. But not just beat them, crush them, leaving Manuel to pick the ball out of his net again and again.

Jogi twins Two Romans Reading Roman leading the Romans Two Hansis - one JogiEin Jogi, zwei Klinsi


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