Four not five/New Jogi pictures

The count gets reset again, I only made it to four unbroken nights of sleep. And to think Saturday night was the night I went to bed early and Jogi was on TV, if I had remembered I could have recorded it same as I did last night. At least there are some snippets on youtube. And now we begin again, at least I’ve mostly finished the Jogi und Hansi chapter I was working on, so that won’t keep me up, as happened twice last week. All this because I hadn’t crossed everything off my list yet, I couldn’t sleep because I hadn’t seen the second half of the Frankfurt game, I hadn’t finished making the Klinsi und Jogi video of the Costa Rica game and I hadn’t had any dinner – because I didn’t want to leave the recording, the show was three hours long. I shouldn’t have watched the whole thing, I knew the order of the guests, I knew he was on last, I could have watched the second half of the Frankfurt game in that time.

On a random but slightly related note, I’ve officially added Roman Bürki to my list of favourite people because of some facts I came across whilst working on another unrelated list. The third team Roman Bürki played for as a professional was FC Schaffahusen – one of the Swiss teams Jogi Löw played for towards the end of his playing career. Also Bürki signed a contract with SC Freiburg on the 24th May, 2014. Plus he was born on the 14th November 1990, which makes him 24 years old. And he has combined number of 14 caps for Switzerland (1 U-19, 12 U-21 and 1 for the senior squad, for which he made his debut for in 2014. To continue the pattern, he started his career seven years ago and he was part of the winning squad that beat FC Basel 4-3 on a penalty shoot-out in the Swiss 2013 Cup final.

And on the subject of favourite numbers this is post 140. I may as well add another random tangent whilst I’m here, so I can watch Deutschland: Ein Sommermärchen on the 24th December (it’ll be film 354 of the year, disappointly not 444 as I would have liked) I convinced my mother to celebrate Christmas in more of a Germanic way, that is I wrangled an agreement that we can exchange gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day as it is traditionally done here. As soon as I said the 24th, she knew exactly what I was going to say.

As well as recording the whole thing, I also got some nice new pictures of Jogi, so at least I’ve got something for my troubles:



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