The day of Roman

Three films at the cinema and all I can think of is Roman. Well not entirely, during the second film my mind turned to Die Mannschaft, the documentary because in Christoph Waltz’s office was a framed shirt of Franz Beckanbauer so that’s not really my fault. Outside before the film, after getting my Düsseldorf burger, I thought I heard someone say Weidenfeller but given that I’ve only had two hours sleep, maybe what I hear cannot be trusted.

The reason I’m declaring this the day of Roman is undeniable though, in my fifth packet of Champions League stickers I got exactly what I wanted, a double of Roman.

And I can’t get that video out of my head, finally something to compete with Gimme Hope Joachim.

The first film, I’d seen before so I knew it was good, What We Do in the Shadows. Still funny the second time around.

The second Horrible Bosses 2, Christoph Waltz I really do not like you right now, he’s the reason I went to see it and I was doubly disappointed. First because the film was as terrible as I expected (that’s what passes for humour these days?) and secondly because he was terrible, it was like King Schultz but with a moustache instead of a beard. His speech patterns and everything were pure King Schultz.

The Drop, I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about that. It was not what I was expecting but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Nice twist towards the end with Tom Hardy’s character but I’m disappointed that there wasn’t more of Mathias Schonearts. One thing I know for sure, Bullhead is a better film.

Excellent conversation as always, I’m glad they liked the new chapters of the Jogi und Hansi Adventures, the next instalment being titled:  Verbotene Liebe – Dressing room adventures.

I know it seems like I don’t care about other people’s opinions, but sometimes and this is one of them, some people’s opinions are important to me. In this case their opinion is of such importance that it’s because of what they think that I’m posting it on here, I was going to before but hesitated, I’m not finding any more excuses, every once in a while you should do something that scares you, take a chance, so that’s what I’m doing.

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