Whilst reading up on some things for the Christmas themed Jogi und Hansi chapter, I found out some very interesting things. For example the first known Christmas tree was set up in Freiburg (home of course to Jogi Löw) of all places, by the town bakers (also cool because Jürgen Klinsmann’s father was a baker) and it was decorated with fruits, nuts and baked goods. Children were allowed to remove these on New Year’s Day when the tree was taken down.

Also interesting is “der Adventkalender” because the first printed calendar appeared in Munich in 1903.

Apparently Germans use real candles on their trees, I remember someone saying this online a whilst back, I wasn’t sure whether to believe them or not. But it’s true.

More interesting than this is what is called Weihnachtspyramiden, Christmas pyramids that were built by people in areas such as Northern Germany where trees weren’t plentiful.

To think, I find all of this fascinating, yet I dislike Christmas here. Why would I like it? Disruption to everything, everyone is home for the holidays, some people let their kids run wild, everything is different and just all wrong. At least people have stopped buying me surprise presents, that’s the worst. I hate being giving a gift and not knowing what’s in it, even worse is when you are given it in front of everyone. Luckily the last few Christmases have been quiet and hopefully this one will go the same way. I’ll be counting down the days until the monsters go back to school and they are no longer overrunning the cinema and I can go out alone again.

I’ll be counting down the days for another reason this year, and I’ll be counting them down all the way to the end of January for the Bundesliga has an exceptionally long Christmas break compared to the league here at least. I’m well stocked up but I’m still not pleased about it. I have plenty of Germany games to watch, the 2006 & 2010 WM (plus I’ll soon have the 2014 WM on blu-ray) and also the EM 2008 & 2012. And several qualifiers and friendlies. I still don’t have (and probably never will have) the Russia and China games but I should be happy with what I have accumulated. I should also be happy knowing that I’ll soon have a copy not only of the DFB Pokal final when Jogi was in charge of Stuttgart but the European Cup Winner’s Cup final too.

All of this is proving a welcome distraction from what has been so far a miserable weekend as far as football is concerned.  First Freiburg lose 4-1 and then Paderborn go the same way, except they couldn’t even manage one goal in reply. Though there is one thing to be happy about, let’s see if it lasts for longer than one day this time:screenshot-www bundesliga com 2014-11-29 16-56-27Borussia Dortmund, sitting once more at the bottom of the league. It’s been a very strange weekend, usually it’s Bayern who are piling up the goals, this week it’s every game but Bayern’s that had lots of goals. Five in the Friday game between Freiburg and Stuttgart. Five in Schalke (4) v Mainz (1), 6 in Leverkusen (5) v Köln (1), 4 in Augsburg (3) v Hamburg (1), and of course four for Bremen against Paderborn. Alle Spiele, alle Torre is certainly going to be action packed and lively this weekend. I hope there are lots of goals tomorrow to keep up the pattern, it’s cool.

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