It couldn’t wait

Stuttgart’s reconstruction couldn’t wait another week, Huub Stevens making his impact immediately and spectacularly felt, a 4-1 victory against SC Freiburg with Vladimir Darida getting the only goal for them.

Martin Harnik thinks they deserved their victory, maybe they did, but not 4-1. And it’s questionable whether they deserved it or not if I’m honest, time and time again they practically invited Freiburg through their defence. They may have started solving their goal scoring problem but they still have plenty of work to do on the defensive front. Sebastian Freis will likely be kicking himself for the chance he should have put away, equally Sven Ulreich will be saying his prayers that his mistake that gifted Freis the chance did not result in a goal.

To be fair, I would felt conflicted about the result either way, regardless of which team I counted as my no.1 side. Now that it’s Freiburg I obviously feel terrible. And the three games ahead do not make me feel any better, SC Paderborn 07, Hamburger SV and even worse to come the mighty Bayern München. Like Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller I may, but know where my loyalties lie I do, on Manuel’s side I can be no longer. At least not when he’s in a Bayern shirt. Random Manuel tangent, I got another batch of Champions League stickers yesterday, I got one of the things I wished for, a double of Manuel Neuer. Just need another one of Roman Weidenfeller now.

This is how the table looks now after tonights game (I can’t help but gain a little bit of pleasure from Dortmund moving down a place):

screenshot-www bundesliga com 2014-11-29 04-11-18

Werder Bremen play later today, the game which I am so eagerly awaiting because they play host to Paderborn. And Dortmund play Frankfurt tomorrow. I guess it would be good for Dortmund if Bremen were to lose, but it would be good for everyone else if Dortmund were to find themselves unable to beat Frankfurt on Sunday. It would mean a smaller gap between them and Bremen and Stuttgart would not go into the relegation zone.

And to end with Jogi because a post about his home team should rightly end with him, I don’t know if he was at the game but I was thinking of him, for obvious reasons and not so obvious ones. One of the latter being the fact that a great number of fans were wearing Santa hats, which of course led to me thinking what he would look like in one, even better him and Hansi together. Seeing as how I’m ending with Jogi I may as well add some of my latest favourite pictures, not that I need an excuse for that:

Jogi signed wie-geht-es-weiter-bundestrainer-joachim-loew-und-bastian-schweinsteiger-nach-dem-spiel-gegen-die-vereinigten-staaten Jogi - trophy


I love it when he looks like he’s plotting to take over the world or some other such thing of an equally devilish nature.


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