Löw and Schneider dreams/Germany v Gibraltar

Not my first Jogi Löw dream (the first is more of a nightmare really) but it is to the best of my recollection, the first time Thomas Schneider has made an appearance. The main point of interest is that he was in the second but not the first. Interesting because the first involved a plane crashing onto a football pitch and Jogi Löw and Manuel Neuer were there but not him.

The second was a little nightmarish too, though I suppose if you have to go school and if you must have someone tailing you around, you would want it to be him or at the least someone who looks like him. What’s important about it is the fact that Thomas Schneider was cast as the good guy in this story; he was a protector of sorts.

I wonder how I should interpret that, maybe I should take it as; you have to accept once and for all that as much as you like the pairing of “Jogi und Hansi” Schneider is here to stay. Though given that the German commentator pointed out that Schneider’s first two games with the team resulted in a loss and a draw, in other words since his appearance they are without a win, I’m no longer so keen on that interpretation.

Looking back through my notebooks I can’t find any mention of Hansi, of course it doesn’t mean he hasn’t appeared at some point just that I didn’t write it down. I did discover an amusing fact whilst looking through them, the first dream I had about Jogi Löw was on the 4th August. That lucky number four again.

This week has been weird, Germany played and I got to see Jogi Löw which of course I’m happy about, but on the other hand I spent the weekend wondering what to with the time, since of course there is no Bundesliga until next weekend. I think it’s just because I’ve used to watching football every weekend, not just on a Friday as was the case this week.

The game itself wasn’t a source of disappointment for me, I wasn’t banking on them scoring double figures, nor do I care too much about that. I am a little disappointed about not having much to work with to make a video of the game though. Still I have some good pictures. And the friendly with Spain on Tuesday to look forward too, that is the more important game despite only being a friendly. I mean they were obviously always going to beat Gibraltar, it’s the Spain game that will be the true test and the more exciting to watch. It’s not a lot of fun watching mismatched opponents. The Armenia game (in which the German team also got booed – because all the goals came in the second half and quite late too) despite the 6-1 score-line was a lot more fun to watch, they actually posed something of a challenge, at least to begin with.

Some pictures from the game:



Max Kruse


Manuel Neuer


Schneider must be a hell of a poker player.


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