Verbotene Liebe/Forbidden love

Trio no. 4

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)

This is inspired by Jogi Löw getting banned from driving earlier this year for accruing too many points on his license for speeding.

“Hansi, ich liebe dich” – the words hung in the crisp morning silence as Jogi sped down the Autobahn, driving too fast as usual. His sleek black Mercedes gliding effortlessly in the bright spring morning. Jogi was the one driving but Hansi was the one who felt like he was going at 100mph. Those were first words of the conversation, the only thing that had been said in fact. He sat there alone in a bewildered silence wondering if he had heard what he thought he had. His mind was racing yet he could not think of anything, each and every thought sped past, leaving him unable to pick one out and focus on it. He felt like he was trying to chase Thomas Müller, as with him he didn’t know where to look, you think they are in one place then they pop up in another with no warning.

Without realising Hansi had stood up, he found himself pacing back and forth, helplessly trying to process what he had just heard. His mind was starting to focus a little but he was still incapable of speech, he looked at his phone as if to see that he was not imagning the whole thing, that it was not a very strange dream. Also running through his mind was all of the looks the two of them had ever exchanged, the closeness he thought he had imagined. He knew he had to say something but he had no idea what, indeed he was still unsure as to whether he could speak at all. How to gauge the situation without getting it terribly wrong? His first thought was that this must be a joke of some kind, he wondered if Jogi had been celebrating a little too much and this was the result. But that made no sense, he was driving and he did not sound at all drunk. He sounded like his usual to the point self.

All of these thoughts were interrupted by the return of the voice, “Hansi, are you there?”

Hansi found himself replying, his voice not sounding like his own, as if it was coming from outside of him, “I’m here, I just, I don’t know what to say.”

When only silence met his response, he feared the worst and his thoughts continued in this direction, the only thing accompanying them being the previously pleasant and now oppressive early morning silence. This ruminating was taken over by confusion when the silence was broken by the sound of a car pulling up outside. Looking out the window Hansi saw the familar Mercedes pull up and observed as instead of parking neatly and perfectly as Jogi was prone to doing, he instead parked in a most haphazard manner, the kind of way he would harangue other people for and which would never met his own high standards.

Without knowing what he was doing Hansi was making his way outside, arriving at the door and opening it as Jogi was walking up. As they approached each other their eyes met, no words were needed,  all those memories of such looks from the past met in their minds to create this one perfect moment. The final piece of the puzzle, the perfect formation. Jogi und Hansi.

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