Der Klassiker/Defeat in Stuttgart

The question I should have asked last week in relation to Stuttgart was how many goals are you going to concede. Three the week before last against Bayer Leverkusen (but they equalised with three of their own), then four against Frankfurt (but they scored five) and this week four at home to Wolfsburg. That will make grim viewing no doubt. Equally grim is Freiburg moving to the bottom of the table with Werder Bremen getting their first win this season. The situation for both of them not helped either by Hamburger SV’s win against Leverkusen.

It’s not at all grim at Bayern Munich,  a 2-1 victory against Borussia Dortmund today, with Robert Lewandowski getting the all important equalizer for Bayern.

There’s no wondering where Joachim was this weekend or lamenting the fact that he was at a game that wasn’t being shown live on TV. Where else would he be this Saturday but der Klassiker, even better, I have video footage:

Two interesting facts I learned whilst watching today’s game, the first is that the game was broadcast in 208 out of the 209 FIFA member nations with the only country not showing the game being North Korea. The second is that for some ungodly reason is that at some point in time Thomas Müller wore a pink dress. He appeared wearing said dress in the trailer for the film about Germany’s World Cup win which is released in cinemas in Germany on the 10th November. A theatrical release here is unlikely given that the 2006 film still has not been released on DVD here or in the US. Something to do with the player’s image rights or some other such legal wrangling. At least I know I’ll be able to get the DVD or hopefully the blu-ray from Germany, that doesn’t soften the blow at all though, knowing that I could have seen Jogi and Hansi and all of them on the big screen.

Random Jogi related tangent, this year’s World Cup was his fourth tournament in charge. That’s perfect, four in charge and that’s when he delivers the fourth star.

Eleven days until I get Manuel Neuer, not the real one sadly, though if I were to get the real one I would no doubt trade him for Joachim Löw. Sorry Manuel, I like you I really do but there can only be one.

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