Es ist Müller wieder

50th post, couldn’t be about anyone or anything other than die Mannschaft, Joachim or Manuel.

The Germans certainly do have an excellent sense of timing, the parcel containing my no longer mythical four star Müller shirt was being processed for depature from Germany at 19:56, Tuesday evening in Saulheim. The Klopp connection this time, Saulheim is in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the biggest city of the state being of course Mainz, the team Jürgen Klopp played for. It’s doubly cool because at 19:56 on Tuesday evening I was watching Borussia Dortmund play St Pauli. The parcel’s next destination is even better, Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia, home to among other things Borussia Dortmund. It took 48 days from order to dispatch, if it had been processed a few days later it would have been 50 days, that would have been perfect.

Random tangent on the subject of connections, I won a signed Jogi photo card in an auction, one of the latest ones with four stars and signed too, the seller’s name was Armin, like Armin Veh, the Stuttgart boss.

With that I thought it was the perfect time to post my wall of Germany shirts, in order of purchase (not counting the Müller 4 star shirt, that will go last):

first training shirt2010 home shirttoff's shirt - fronttoff's shirt - back







das Wunder von Bern trikot2014 home shirt - front2014 home shirt - back2014 home shirt - patch 12006 world cup shirt - front2006 world cup shirt - backJogis 11 - frontJogis 11 - back

Jogis jokers - frontJogis jokers - back2014 away shirt - front2014 away shirt - back2010 away shirt




























Soon to join them in addition to Müller, is a three star blue goalkeeper jersey from Germany. So on that note it seems only fitting to end with Manuel and this video of his terrific save from the AS Roma game last week.

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