Long time no see/The Return of Hansi

Five years ago today was the last time Hansi walked out by Jogi’s side, five years  since Germany won the world cup. I could lie and say this was planned, that I left it until today to upload my new pictures of Hansi to make it that extra little bit perfect, but I won’t. It was a entirely a quirk of fate that happened, well that and endless procrastination. It’s not quite the return I wanted, for Hansi’s not returning to Jogi. Though the beginning of his new chapter with Bayern is a return of sorts for him, given that he played for Bayern and spent the better part of his short playing career there. Before the pictures of Hansi from Bayern’s first open training of the season, a sweet little reminder of that day:

Stefan Kuntz Pictures – Spanien v Deutschland (U21 EM 2019)

Joachim Löw at Spanien u21 v Deutschland (U21 EM 2019) & Pre-match Interview

Stefan Kuntz Pictures – Deutschland v Rumänien (U21 EM 2019)

Stefan Kuntz Pictures – Österreich v Deutschland (U21 EM 2019)

Stefan Kuntz Pictures – Deutschland v Serbien (U21 EM 2019)

Stefan Kuntz Pictures – Deutschland v Dänemark (U21 EM 2019)